Why Get Custom Made Tee Shirts for Your Church?

Your church may be excited about the conferences, fellowship meetings and other outings you have planned throughout the year. Someone may have already getting custom tees for every outing you go on, but you may still be unsure that’s necessary. Why are custom made tee shirts beneficial for your church?

Tracking Members

One of the best reasons to have custom tees printed for your church is also the simplest. When you’re out at regional conferences, there may be hundreds of other churches and people present. It’s not easy to scan a room and find the members of your church. With custom tees, you can immediately spot your members and friends in a crowded space. This will help members be able to find each other quickly in cafeteria or workshop settings when it would be nice to find some friends to sit with.

Spreading Church Recognition

At every outing you take your members to, you’ll be representing the church and total congregation. With custom made tee shirts, others will be able to recognize you. The grace, friendship and good spirits shown by your members at different events will attract people to your church, and those custom tees will guide other people there. For that reason, you might want to include some contact information in the design of the shirts you make.

Raising Money

Every church can use extra money for programs and maintenance. While tithing may bring in some money, being able to earn more donations can help you to do even more for the community. Selling custom tees can raise money for church members going to the various events you have planned. You may be able to even sell tees to members who simply like the design of your tee or want to support the church. You might even be able to work up several designs and sell custom tees throughout the year. You can hold contents among the congregation to vote on the designs which should be made into shirts and shared with everyone.

Making a Statement

Even when they’re not at a special event, your church family may feel proud of their faith and your church. Having tees in their home that they can wear whenever they leave the house is something they may enjoy. They might feel proud to represent their church whether they’re just running errands or at a school or work outing.

Opening a Dialogue

Whenever one of your members wears the custom tee you produce, people may be eager to talk with them about it. This can open up a dialogue about faith and worship practices. Who knows how many people can be ministered to because someone saw the custom tee.

With all these benefits, custom tees should seem like a great decision for your church and a good use of the church budget. Ensure you plan the first design carefully; enlist help from any professional artists or graphic designers in the congregation. Work with a reputable print shop or use a trusted online printer to create the tees affordably.